Jenny Ceresa - Lowestoft South

I have lived in Lowestoft since 2014, when I moved here to be closer to my family. In 2015, I became a District Councillor at Waveney District Council, representing Carlton Colville.

Patricia O'Brien - Martlesham

I have lived in the Martlesham Division for 32 years and I have served as a County Councillor for 18 years. I represented the Colneis Division from 2001-2005 and, since 2005, I have represented the Martlesham Division.

Louis Busuttil - Mildenhall

I was born in Malta in 1957 and I’m widely travelled, having visited over 100 countries. I hold a BSc degree from Sheffield university and an MBA from Lancaster university.

James Reeder - Oulton

Born in Bury St Edmunds, I lived in Stowmarket until I married and moved to Lowestoft, which has now been my home town for 35 years. After leaving school I joined the Merchant Navy, qualifying as a Deck Officer, which brought me great opportunities for travel.

Keith Robinson - Oulton

I live in my Division and I am very much a Lowestoft man, spending much of my working life as a mechanic, MOT tester, and long-distance truck driver. Being interested in promoting the concerns and interests of local people, I successfully stood for election to the Suffolk County Council in May 2017.

Craig Rivett - Pakefield

I was born and raised in Lowestoft and the surrounding area; my family have lived here for many generations. I was elected to Suffolk County Council as the Member for Pakefield in May 2017. My division encompasses both Pakefield and Carlton Colville.