Christopher Hudson - Belstead Brook

As a County Councillor since 2012 and a District Councillor since 2011, it is a great honour to serve and represent the people of Suffolk.

I was educated at the University of Leeds and Queens’ College, Cambridge, and I am a qualified teacher and former Headmaster. Since my election to the County Council, I have held the offices of Cabinet Member, Vice-Chairman, Chairman and Deputy Leader of our Council.

My division of Belstead Brook is a diverse area, comprising Pinewood, Sproughton, Hintlesham, Belstead and Burstal. It has both suburban and rural areas and reflects all the issues dealt with by the Highways, Planning, Consumer Affairs, Adult Social Care, and Education services at Suffolk County Council.

The greatest honour and duty for any Councillor is to fear nothing, stand up and tell the truth, and represent all the people in your division, whether they voted for you or not.

I can be contacted at or on 07986-844259