Suffolk Conservatives secure £3.75m for A140 improvements at Brome, near Eye

The Department for Transport made the announcement Friday to award the money to the County Council from its National Productivity Investment Fund.

Work to improve this junction is long overdue and Suffolk Conservatives have been working closely with Suffolk Chamber of Commerce and local businesses for some time now to bring about improvements to this vital road.

People who use the current junction often experience queuing and long delays, particularly on the B1527 to Hempnall, and it is expected that the new roundabout will address this, leading to shorter journey times and less congestion.

The link road connecting the A140 and B1077 will offer additional housing and jobs growth at the Eye Airfield site and as a result of the road being built there will be fewer delays in the area. The junctions will be made safer due to the improvements as well.

Suffolk County Council is contributing more than £1.6million to the scheme and we look forward to completing the construction of this road during the 2019/2020 financial year