Suffolk Conservatives push forward on Devolution talks

Suffolk County Council met on 23rd November to discuss continuing talks with Government to achieve a devolution deal for Suffolk. This comes in the wake of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Council voting down the original Norfolk and Suffolk Deal.


Conservative Councils across Suffolk and Ipswich Borough Council voted overwhelmingly in support of continuing talks with Government to Devolve decision making and budgets to Suffolk


Though Norfolk may have backed out this provides a great opportunity for Suffolk Conservatives to lead the way and negotiate a deal which see huge investment into Suffolk over the next 30 years with job creation, a huge increase in apprenticeships, investment in our highways and infrastructure, improve public transport and bring decision making to a local level.


Public consultation on Devolution showed that the people of Suffolk want decision making taken locally and that is what Suffolk Conservatives are fighting for.


Talks will continue over the next few weeks and any new deal will come back to Suffolk Councils to debate.


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