Ofsted rate Suffolk Children's Services Good

Under Conservative leadership at Suffolk County Council our Children’s Services department has been rated as ‘Good’ by Ofsted. This is a fantastic result and puts Suffolk in the top band of local authorities across the whole country with only 17 local authorities have achieving an overall GOOD rating under Ofsted’s revised framework.

Ofsted’s report highlights that “Leaders have a comprehensive understanding of what needs to be achieved and have made sustained progress since the inspection of services for looked after children in 2010 and child protection in 2013, which both were judged to be adequate”. It says “Suffolk County Council is led by dynamic and capable leaders and managers and is delivering a good service overall to children and their families.”

This achievement demonstrates the value that the Conservatives place on supporting the most vulnerable young people in Suffolk and thanks go to all the staff and local community partners who work closely with the Administration on a daily basis. This rating is testament to the work and dedication of so many people who share the Administration’s commitment to provide children and their families with the right sort of help to ensure they get the care and support they need.

Cabinet Member for Education, Skills and Children’s Services, Cllr Gordon Jones said: “I am absolutely delighted that we have received a GOOD rating from Ofsted. This achievement is testament to the work and commitment of all our staff at the authority and the support they receive from local community partners who share our drive and focus to protect vulnerable children and young people in Suffolk, and support families.

“The inspection team’s feedback demonstrates that we are listening to the children and families we work for and their views and experiences are positively shaping the way we do things.”

As Labour-led Counties pump 10’s of millions of pounds into failing Children’s Services departments the Conservatives have been able to meet their savings targets and increase our quality of care as demonstrated by this outstanding result.