Major review of highways maintenance in Suffolk launched

On 22 June, a major review launched of the way highways in Suffolk are maintained.

The review will explore how Suffolk’s limited highways budget can be used to best effect when maintaining the county’s roads, pavements, bridges, grass verges, and other highways assets.

Areas to be reviewed include:

  • Existing policy which determines how resources are deployed, known as the Suffolk Highway Maintenance Operational Plan (HMOP)
  • How utility companies coordinate roadworks and are held to account for their actions
  • How residents, councillors and businesses are informed about road repairs and how they can access information
  • The approach to, and importance of, innovation within Suffolk Highways
  • Financial control and contract management
  • How the location of potholes on the road is considered alongside the width and depth, recognising the impact they can have on cyclists and motorcyclists
  • How town and parish councils can work closer with Suffolk Highways to make the best use of their local knowledge, skills, money and time.

The views of local businesses, town, parish, district and borough councils and the public will be taken into account as part of the review. With immediate effect, a new Highways Improvement and Innovations Board has been established to oversee the areas that will make up the review.