County Council announces timescale to progress the Ipswich Northern Route project

On 27 February, the Leader of Suffolk County Council, Matthew Hicks, announced the timescale to progress the Ipswich Northern Route project.

Cllr Hicks has outlined the next steps in producing the Strategic Outline Business Case, which will examine and ultimately clarify the feasibility of an Ipswich northern route.

Discussions about an Ipswich northern route have been well documented over the years. This announcement confirms the County Council’s commitment to explore these formally with a public consultation which will inform the Strategic Outline Business Case to be put to government and published later in the year.

The timescale for moving the project forward is:

  • The stage one study and report into possible highways options was completed in 2017
  • The options assessment and development commissioned in May 2018 is currently being evaluated and prepared for shortlisting, prior to consultation.
  • Public consultation on the route details, alignment options and junction options with the A14 and A12 - to begin in the Summer 2019
  • Completion of the Strategic Outline Business Case to be shared with government, local MPs and the public - Autumn 2019.

The options assessment, that forms a key part of the Strategic Outline Business Case, is required to look at all other viable transport and traffic mitigation options. This will confirm whether the road alignments published in 2017 are indeed the best solution for the county. After carefully considering the assessment and developing these options further, the next stage is public consultation to begin in summer 2019.

The initial study, options assessment and the results of the public consultation inform the Strategic Outline Business Case, which will provide clarity on the feasibility of the project and will determine whether the project can proceed to the next stage. That will be shared publicly for consideration in the Autumn of 2019.

Councillor Matthew Hicks, Leader of Suffolk County Council, said:

“A project of this scale can only proceed by ensuring all partners are fully committed to each stage. Today, all councils have agreed the next steps for the creation of the business case.

“The public consultation will start in Summer 2019 to allow everyone to have their say and help assess the feasibility of taking this project forward to government and then onto the next stage.

“This realistic timeline clearly shows the level of commitment from across Suffolk to take this to the next step, with a public consultation to allow the strategic outline business case to inform the decision-making process.

“I’m committed to keeping residents and businesses informed as we progress through the next steps.”

Suffolk County Council has been working with District and Borough Councils to develop the project and will continue to do so in the future.