Conservatives launch new delivery model for Ipswich Park and Ride services

Bold proposal have been approved by Suffolk’s Conservative Administration to insure that Ipswich’s Park and Ride Services remain open to the public despite the difficult financial climate local Government Faces.

These changes likely to be introduced in January 2017 at the earliest.

The proposal suggests local operating bus companies taking over the contract for delivering commercial services from the Copdock and Martlesham sites, making the service self-funding through passenger revenue. This exciting proposal will mean that Ipswich will be one of the first towns in the Country to have a self-funding park and ride service, running as it does now whilst greatly reducing the cost to the Taxpayer.

Potential infrastructure changes to road networks are also included in the outline proposal.

This proposal has been developed over the last 3 months by Suffolk County Council, working closely with Ipswich Borough Council, local bus operators, Ipswich Hospital and Ipswich Central.

The Conservatives have taken these steps to keep the Park and Ride operating and recognise that the Park and Ride services are an important facility for passengers who do not wish to drive into Ipswich. The Park and Ride currently costs the tax payer £712,000 per year to run on top of the cost ticket income. That equates to a subsidy of £3.27 per passenger per journey.

Suffolk County Council’s partners, local bus operators, Ipswich Borough Council, and business representatives are all working together and are rising to the challenge of helping design a new service that uses overall resources more efficiently.