Call for on-call firefighters

In Suffolk, part-time on-call firefighters make up 66% of the total fire service workforce and crew 86% of our fire engines. Suffolk has more than 400 on-call firefighters working at the 35 fire stations across the county, and they play a vital role in ensuring people are safe from fires and other incidents. They do a fantastic job and are highly regarded in their local communities.

The fire service is always looking to recruit more on-call firefighters. After lobbying of Government by Suffolk and other fire and rescue services, the Home Office will soon be launching a national video and promotional literature to encourage the recruitment of more on-call firefighters, particularly focussing on female and BME applicants. This national support recognises the increasing challenges fire and rescue services face with the recruitment and retention of on-call firefighters and that these challenges exist right across the country.

People interested in becoming an on-call firefighter must be 18 or older, and live or work within five minutes (or possibly up to ten minutes) of a fire station. They’ll need enthusiasm, willingness to work in a team environment, and a desire to support their local community. They will also need to get consent from their main employer to be available when they are working. They will earn about £5,000 per year for attending calls, any training undertaken, and for maintenance work carried out on the fire engine and at the station.

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